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 Welcome to the Moscow "Integration Club" for the visually impaired and their friends and colleagues. Integration is an international community designed to serve the needs and interests of its members. As a member of our community, you will find support, assistance in helping to meet your needs, and caring friends. We encourage you to share your ideas, thoughts, dreams, fears, and knowledge. Place your programs, articles, think about starting your online journal to share with others what you've learned in your travel through life. So often we think our experiences are unique and we feel alone in what happens to us. But this is not so. Being willing to discuss the good and the bad, we won't feel so alone--and we'll probably learn a lot from one another in the process.

Integration is all about community--people helping other people. Please join us in making Integration THE place to meet and share.


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13/03/2001 Audible Crosswalk Signals Divide Blind Community

12/03/2001 The club report 2000

11/03/2001 Press release: Feb. 22, 2001 - Club meeting

06/03/2001 Blind, Disabled Mountaineers to Attempt Everest (Reuters) 

05/03/2001 Singapore Device Helps Blind Hear Their Way Around (Reuters)

03/03/2001 Legendary Ray Charles Concert Set For April 12, 2001 (PrimeZone)


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This site in The Blind and Visually Impaired Ring is owned by Moscow Users Club "Integration" of visually impaired people.



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